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Arden von Dewitz was born in New York City on March 7, 1915. He began his art studies at an early age at the Soro Academy of Art in Denmark, and in the U.S., with Ejnar Hansen at the Stickney School of Art in Pasadena, the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles and the Parsons School of Art in Manhattan. A versatile artist, von Dewitz mastered many mediums and created works on a wide range of subjects. His works are held in museums in the U.S. as well as overseas and they garnered numerous awards. He created art instruction books, three for the Walter Foster Publications series, Los Angeles, California, and others that were distributed worldwide. Von Dewitz held on-location art classes throughout the world in addition to being an art instructor for the Laguna Beach School of Art, Marymount College, and the Los Angeles Board of Education. Von Dewitz practiced his art until 1987 when he was stricken with Parkinsonís disease which impaired his ability to paint. He died in 2004.

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Arden von Dewitz 01
Arden von Dewitz 01


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