Carl Hoerman - Painter

Carl Hoerman (1885 – 1955)

Born in Babenhausen, Bavaria, Germany, Carl Hoerman was a landscape painter who used his savings from working in a Hamburg shipyard and sales of charcoal drawings to finance his move to the United States in 1904. It is thought that he was primarily self taught, but may have had instruction in Munich, Germany through the patronage of Prince Carl Fugger. In 1907 he married Christiana Ackermann who also became a painter.

In Chicago Hoerman studied architecture and in 1909 he opened his own office where he worked until 1920. After that he devoted most of his time to painting, building a studio and art gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan. He was a member of the Chicago Gallery Association, the Saugatuck Art Association and the Riverside (California) Art Association.

Christiana took up painting in 1925 when she studied at Ox-Bow with Frederick Fursman and Albert Krehbiel. She did a few landscapes, but specialized in still-life paintings of flowers, always carefully placing the vase off-center as her husband had taught her. Both Herman’s were active in Ox-Bow and other local art endeavors.

In 1927, the couple began making trips to the American Southwest where they painted desert and mountain scenes and, perhaps most especially, the Grand Canyon. They also enjoyed painting exotic landscape and genre scenes from their travels to Europe, Mexico and North Africa.

The Hoermans may have maintained their home in Saugatuck throughout their lives, but they also had residences in Palm Springs and Riverside, Calif., and are most associated with the west in their later lives.

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