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Edith Harwell and her husband, Converse, established Pinewood Pottery in Fairhope, Alabama in 1938. Edith threw on the wheel while Converse mixed and developed glazes and handled the firing. Their joint effort produced pieces in high fired stoneware with rich, glossy colored glazes in both functional and decorative ware. The pieces are invariably date stamped followed by PINEWOOD and then FAIRHOPE, ALA in block letters. Edith then added her initials in script. The pottery ceased production in 1964 although Edith continued to teach pottery making at the School of Organic Education in Fairhope until 1971.

Prior to establishing their studio in Fairhope, the Harwells had practiced their art in Charlotte, North Carolina. Exactly when and where the couple obtained their early training in pottery making and established their initial works in Charlotte has never been established. Before leaving for Alabama, however, they had achieved enough renown to be invited to the Mint Museum in Charlotte to demonstrate and to offer their pieces for sale. Those pieces were date stamped and marked Mint Museum and Pinewood.

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Edith Harwell 01
Edith Harwell 01

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