Florence White Williams - Painter

(1888 1953)

Florence White Williams was born on October 24, 1888 in Putney, Vermont.

Miss Williams was a member of the All-Illinois Society of the Fine Arts which awarded her its Silver Medal in 1932; the Association of Chicago Painters and Sculptors; South Side Art Association (past Vice-President and Exhibition Chairman); American Artists' Professional League and she represented her profession in Zonta International.

Exhibitions include the Art Institute of Chicago, the Corcoran in Washington, the Baltimore Museum, the All-Illinois Society of the Fine Arts, Detroit, Milwaukee, etc., where she won various prizes. One painting was owned by Rufas Dawes, President of the Century of Progress Fair.

Williams was active in the South Side Art Association in Chicago and the Illinois Academy of Fine Arts and exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago. In Boston, she was a prize-winner in the Boston Line Greeting Card Contest.

In 1924 Williams did illustrations for Black Beauty, and these illustrations were copyrighted by the Saalfield Publishing Company of Akron, Ohio.

She died on May 17, 1953 in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

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Stella Halpern, Note about Black Beauty, Submitted by Edward P. Bentley, researcher from Lansing, Michigan As listed in the Archives of AskArt

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