Click to enlargeRaphael Soyer

A Woman in Purple
O/CH 15” x W 9”
FrameH 17-5/8” x W 12-1/4”
Signed“To Richard, Raphael Soyer” MR,
with collector's stamp verso

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Raphael Soyer 02 rsoyer02

Soyer, Raphael (Oil)One of Soyer’s most frequent model was himself, often posed with pencil or brush in hand as in Self-Portrait, ca. 1927. He did not accept commissions for portraits because his interest was with the private person and the effects of modern world on the psyche, rather than a public façade. He admired Rembrandt, Degas and Eakins because he felt that they were dedicated to showing their times truthfully and they emphasized inner character more than physical beauty.

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