Taylor Lynde - Painter

(Born 1970)

Taylor Lynde is a fourth generation resident of Montana. His career has been influenced by two men, artist Scott Switzer and his high school art teacher, Michael Kosorok. Besides teaching Lynde the art of oil painting, Kosorok also helped him win a partial scholarship to the Pratt Institute in New York where he spent a year studying drawing and art history.

After a year in New York Lynde joined the Navy and served in Desert Shield. He returned to Montana in 1995. He was encouraged again by Switzer who supported him in exchange for Lynde making frames for him. Switzer mentored Lynde for two years and introduced him to his first gallery.

Lynde’s impressionistic style captures the honest beauty of his subjects. His landscapes and cityscapes capture modern day Montana and the heritage that these places hold. The artist does not feel compelled to paint nostalgic paintings of the west, but would rather tell the history of a place through the view of the present.

Source: Southwest Art, September 2002

Biography from the Archives of AskArt

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