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Chinese style painting. The painter started with splashing ink and colors method, also known as "ink and wash style" described by Gao Yanqun in an article "Chinese spirit of ink and wash paintings", and completed with meticulous details.

This painting depicts two white herons bathed in the silver moon light. Although the moon is not directly visible, the laced pattern of the cool light lends a surprisingly warm feel and contentment.

98 cm tall x 98 cm wide (approximated 38.5 inches square). Painted in 1987.

The original artwork is not be for sale at this time. Hi-def Giclée reproduction prints can be purchased, unframed. Please contact us for price and availability.

The Clear Moon hborjigid03

Borhigit, Haobisi (Ink on Paper)Borhigit, Haobisi (Ink on Paper)One of the most prominent artists in China, Borhigit is known for his exotic desert scenes and methodical interpretation of trees, flowers and wildlifes.

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