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Chinese style painting. Meticulously detailized, with thin outlines and strong colors.

This painting depicts a Mongolian woman with her young camel among the bushes of tamarix. The basket on her back and the fork in her hand suggesting she is on a task of picking and gathering things from the ground.

90 cm x 75 cm (approximated 35.5x29.5 inches, unframed). Painted in 2000.

The original artwork and hi-def Giclée reproduction prints may be available for purchased, unframed. Please contact us for price and availability.

Tamarix hborjigid17

Borhigit, Haobisi (Ink on Paper)Borhigit, Haobisi (Ink on Paper)One of the most prominent artists in China, Borhigit is known for his exotic desert scenes and methodical interpretation of trees, flowers and wildlifes.

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